Audio Post-Production

Music post-production

Mojo Dojo is composed of qualified personnel that will take care of your projects, making them top-notch products. There are many services we offer, including WAV, stem mastering and full production. Our team will take your project to the next level, adding and modifying the sounds so that the whole track complies with international standards and can achieve great sounding results.

Our experienced engineer can focus on optimising the recording, mixing, mastering of tracks and will help with corrections in any form. We are able to help craft a great industry-standard sound through the use of tools such as Pro Tools, Waves Plugins, and Melodyne, resulting in the highest quality end product. Moreover, the artist can be present during the production and leave a prompt feedback on the job, besides giving his/her opinion about the modifications or the additions our producers and musicians made.

Audio (post-) production & sound design

When a project has achieved picture lock, it’s time to perfect the sound. This process involves creating sounds that match the action you see on screen. If you see an actor close a car door, but you don’t hear it, your brain is left dissatisfied, whether that dissatisfaction is felt consciously or unconsciously. This process involves making those sounds; setting a balance between speakers to give the listener a three-dimensional immersion within the sound; equalization, to ensure a certain sound doesn’t have too much muddiness, piercing high frequencies, or distorted, bass-y rumble; level control, for a natural loudness of each individual sound; layering, for all of the different elements that combine to create each sound; spacial mixing, to match the space seen on screen with the right amounts and types of reverb and echo. This list goes on, but we’re already rambling!

Before a project is mixed, all the right sound elements must be chosen, cleaned up and accurately timed. This overarching process includes dialog, sound effects, foley, backgrounds and music editing. We can help make motion pictures even more immersive by adding unique and custom made sound effects.

A final mix is the last important step in making your project shine. We specialize in fast-paced, intelligent mixing that will highlight the vital elements and bring your story to the forefront. We’re experienced in Dolby Atmos, 7.1, 5.1 and Stereo mixing. We mix and master all productions with the utmost care.

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