Audio Recordings

Music recordings

Our professional studio is available for recordings of musical instruments, voices and a full band. We have a recording room with an audio engineer at your disposal!

Expertise and high-end equipment is ready and available for your use, and we do our best to always ensure you are provided with exceptional service. We offer the possibility to record instruments such as drums, piano, wind instruments, acoustic or electric guitar, violin, mandolin and many other.


The studio is available for rental, so you can record whatever you want, whenever you want. In addition the studio rental, a highly experienced professional audio engineer or assistant engineer is included for the duration of your rental. Our engineers know these rooms like the back of their hands and can make workflow efficient allowing creatives to do what they do best: create.

At Mojo Dojo, we can take your song through all the creative technical stages and turn it into a polished gem. From recording, editing, arranging, vocal tuning, producing, mixing, and mastering. Check out the audio post-production page for everything we can do for you and your project.

Demo recordings

No more crappy rehearsal recordings! Unlike a lot of rehearsal rooms, Mojo Dojo gives you the possibility to record a full band at the highest possible quality. This way, you can have demo recordings to listen back to, and even seek new opportunities by having appealing demos to send to bookers or labels.

The demo recordings include a live mix and multitrack recording you will receive by the end of the session.

Voice-overs and dubbing

Mojo Dojo provides one of the best studio for Additional Dialogue Recording (ADR) lip-sync dubbing and voice-over recording. Combining comfort and functionality, our mixing and recording room were created to inspire the performance and enhance the delivery of every talent.

Our recording room combined with a sound mixing room makes communication between the talent, director and sound engineer effortless and helps to provide smooth workflow for every session we record. Our versatile selection of microphones, pre-amps and dynamic processor provide for the most high quality recordings along with ultimate flexibility to handle any specific requirements the clients might have. Whether your talent is an professional actor or an up-and-coming talent, Mojo Dojo brings out the very best of every performance.

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