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Mixing is the art of finding the perfect balance in a musical piece, where every instrument and voice harmoniously come together. At Mojo Dojo, we understand that the mixing phase is crucial for bringing your music to life. Our experienced mix engineers combine technical expertise with an artistic ear to make the right choices. Before we dive in, we would like to discuss your wishes, the emotion you want to convey, what sonic colors you envision, and the reference tracks that inspire you. Only then can we create the magic of the mix. With access to both analog and digital equipment, we ensure that every element in your music sounds in its right place and with the right intensity.

Our mix engineers specialize in getting the most out of sound. With years of experience as (studio) sound engineers and a solid educational foundation, your recorded tracks are in good hands. At Mojo Dojo, we treat your music with the care and dedication it deserves, so that the final result perfectly reflects your vision.


Mastering is the final but crucial step in the music production process. It's where your song, EP, or album takes its definitive form and sound. Our mastering engineers are masters of their craft. They ensure that your music sounds consistent on all playback systems, from car radios to headphones to large speakers. We apply the latest polishing techniques to highlight the details in your music, optimize dynamics, and refine the sonic quality. The result is a finished product that is both impressive and emotionally resonant.


At Mojo Dojo, we believe in the power of a unique sound. Whether you're producing a song, a podcast, a commercial, or a film, post-production is the phase where you can create your 'signature' sound. Our post-production specialists collaborate with you to find that special atmosphere that sets your project apart.

We use both analog and digital technologies to achieve the desired sonic quality. It's about discovering the perfect soundscapes, applying the right effects, and balancing every audio component. At Mojo Dojo, post-production is more than just a step; it's the path to a distinctive and authentic sound that lingers in the hearts and ears of your audience.


Because we understand that every project varies in size, complexity, and objectives, we offer personalized price quotes tailored to your project.

Instead of listing static prices on our website, we invite you to contact us . This way, we have a better understanding of your project, including its artistic requirements, allowing us to provide an accurate and customized price quote."

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Schuttevaerweg 106C
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