Audio recordings

Our professional studio is available for musical instruments, voices and dubbing. We have a recording room with an audio engineer at your disposal! High-end equipment is ready and available for your use, and we do our best to always ensure you are provided with exceptional service. We offer the possibility to record a great variety of instruments, including everything at the same time. Looking for studio rental? We got you. The recording and production room is available for rental, so you can record whatever you want, whenever you want.


Looking for a high-quality location to record an interview or podcast episode? Our studio provides the professional environment, production expertise and music library that you need to produce your podcast. Are you still starting up your podcast and need some help or advice? No problem! We can meet up for creative brainstorming, distribution advice, social media content techniques, and any other questions you have about podcasting.


Mojo Dojo is the perfect place for streaming, livestream and virtual productions. Our producers and creative directors will work with you to produce the highest quality content that result in amazing, virtual event experiences. Our facility is optimized to support multi-camera studio productions and live broadcasts for all kinds of projects. Whether you're putting on a panel discussion, keynote presentation, talkshow, performance, a podcast, or anything in between, we'll handle your project seamlessly.

Audio post-production

Our experienced engineer can focus on optimising the recording, mixing, mastering of tracks and will help with corrections in any form. We are able to help craft a great industry-standard sound through the use of a big variety of tools resulting in the highest quality end product that you wished for. Moreover, the artist can be present during the production and leave a prompt feedback on the job, besides giving his/her opinion about the modifications or the additions our producers and musicians made.

Not sure what you're looking for?

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