The creative multi-purpose studio

Mojo Dojo is a multi-purpose music and livestream studio in Rotterdam. A creative place for creative people, offering a complete range of services for your project from concept, to recording and right up to the final mix.

Audio recordings

Our professional studio is available for musical instruments, voices and dubbing. We have a recording room with an audio engineer at your disposal!


Mojo Dojo is the perfect place for streaming, livestream and virtual productions. Our producers and creative directors will work with you to produce the highest quality content that result in amazing, virtual event experiences.


Looking for a high-quality location to record an interview or podcast episode? Our studio provides the professional environment, production expertise and music library that you need to produce your podcast.

Audio post-production

We offer quality audio post-production, mixing and mastering for a great variety of projects. Our specialized audio engineer will get the most out of your sound.

We make room for magic that will help build the future

Our latest projects

Check out our latest projects to learn more about what we do!

Our Clients

Interested in working with us?

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